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  • China Tesia Industry Co., Limited company profile
  • China Tesia Industry Co., Limited company profile
  • China Tesia Industry Co., Limited company profile
  • China Tesia Industry Co., Limited company profile
  • China Tesia Industry Co., Limited company profile
Company Details
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Oceania
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: TESIA
No. of Employees: 50~100
Annual Sales: 10 million-15 million
Year Established: 2013
Export p.c: 90% - 100%
Customers Served: Tesia help you solve all building materials procurement problems in one stop
Main Product: Prefab House, Kitchen Cabinet, Staircase, Aluminum Window, Wardrobe, Steel Structure Workshop, Sanitary Ware, Wood Door, Aluminum Sliding Door, Railing
Terms of Payment: LC, T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Small-amount payment, Money Gram
Average Lead Time: Peak Season Lead Time: one month Off Season Lead Time: within 15 workdays
Solutions: OEM/ODM, Factory Tour, Sample Order

Tesia Industry Co., Limited---Integrated Solution Provider of Building and Renovation Materials

Tesia is a professional and efficient one-stop building materials manufacturer. Our company's products range from doors and windows, floors to cabinets, bathrooms, stairs, railings, sofas, tiles, partitions, including sunrooms, shower rooms, garage doors,steel structure,container house and other building materials products. Tesia help you solve all building materials procurement problems in one stop.


Tesia has always been 100% focused on exporting high-quality standard, cost-effective products, and we will provide professional solutions and technical advice according to your requirements. All the time, we have cooperated with many developers, contractors, owners, designers and architects, we have received positive feedback from most of our clients, combined with Tesia's professional design team, advanced equipment, strict quality control, stable delivery time, high-efficient after-sales service, we have received high praise from many overseas customers, such as the United States, Canada, Cayman Islands...


The most important thing is that you only need to provide project plan drawings, Tesia can help you solve all the problems of building materials procurement, to help you create a comfortable space for your luxury villa and make your house more refined.


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China Tesia Industry Co., Limited company profile 1


2013- Established Tecia Industry Co., Limited,

Started production of various stairs.


2014- Due to the expansion of the market, an aluminum alloy door and window factory was added to expand the factory.


2015- Our products are widely sold in domestic and foreign markets.


2017- Wardrobe cabinet factory was established to meet more and more orders.


2018- Tesia started sales in the Americas, Europe and other national markets.


2019- Entered the South Asian market, and the annual sales of products exceeded 7 million US dollars.


2020- Integrate factories, integrate Tesia's door and window factory, wardrobe and cabinet factory, and staircase factory into one industrial park, which greatly improves production efficiency and products.


2021- Tesia will continue to expand the industrial chain, add bathroom factories and floor factories, and effectively manage and control product quality and cost.


2022- Due to market demand, Tesia continues to expand its factories, adding factories for prefabricated modular container houses and steel structure houses to meet the market demand in this area.


2022- Welcome customers and teams from all over the world to visit Tesia, learn about products and reach cooperation

We are on the road and have been working hard to become a one-stop building materials expert by your side.


Let people no longer worry about cumbersome renovation, one-stop solution to building materials procurement needs, and create maximum value for customers is our mission.


What Tesia design is to keep your bills minimal and your footprint small. Construction is environmentally friendly too, with far less site waste than traditional building, and minimal soil disruption from light-weight modules.



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Our Pre-sales Work Steps


  • Demand Analysis


Analysis of Material Requirement Planning for Your Building Construction Project


Tesia provides you with an analysis of your building material requirements list, that is, which building materials need to be purchased for your project. Tesia uses its professionalism to analyze what products you need to purchase for your project, how many quantities, materials, and sizes you need .


All the building materials you need, including stairs, stair guardrails, aluminum doors and windows, wardrobes, cabinets, bathrooms, floors, furniture, hotel supplies, prefabricated houses, steel structure workshops, etc., can be purchased at Tesia, Tesia is a one-stop solutions company for your building construction materials. It is Teisa's core service concept to save time, money and effort for the decoration and decoration of your project.


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  • Measurement


Tesia provides you with on-site dimensional measurement services.

An accurate design can be made only if the measurement of the room is more accurate, and it will not be impossible to achieve due to the wrong size in the later construction, requiring design changes or project changes. Measuring the room is the first step in decoration. Only by knowing the dimensions of each place in the room can we better carry out the subsequent decoration design and budget planning.


Tesia has a professional engineering design team to provide you with on-site measurement services and measurement guidance services. We have served more than 2000 projects in more than 60 countries around the world, and our professional project cases can provide the best reference for your choice.


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  • Project Design


You don't have to worry about the high design cost of your project, Tesia has nearly 20 designers who will provide you with professional and efficient design drawings, and even some designs are free. Design is the most important step in the whole decoration process. If the design is not perfect, it will also lead to troubles in the later decoration. Tesia's professional design team provides high-end design for your entire project, improving construction feasibility and reducing losses.


Projects 3D Design


Tesia can provide you with 3D model renderings. 3D models are more fun and engaging than viewing a series of 2D renderings. It will be a refreshing experience to be able to navigate a 3D model after drawing after drawing.


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Projects Sketchup Drawing


The quality of renderings is the foundation of Tesia's development projects, and Tesia always designs drawings that satisfy customers for every architectural project with a professional design attitude. Tesia's professionalism and work attitude are the cornerstones of winning the trust of customers.


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Frame Structure Design


A framed structure permits greater freedom in planning. Large open spaces can be easily provided within the building and provisions of panel walls can be suitably changed to meet requirements at any time. Tesia provides you with professional framing design to give you a very visual presentation of your house or project.


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Accessory Mould Design


Many times your building materials need some custom fittings, Tesis can design for your fittings and produce custom building materials.


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  • Recommendation


Tesia will provide you with suggestions on the selection of suitable building materials for your project needs. For example, if you focus on the need for environmentally friendly materials and formaldehyde-free materials, we will recommend the latest and most cost-effective environmentally friendly formaldehyde-free materials; and how to match the colors of your project, How to choose the material, we will provide you with our professional advice as a reference. Tesia has been in the building materials industry for more than 10 years. I believe our advice will become your valuable reference.


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There are many kinds of building materials,
how to choose beautiful, reasonable,
economical and suitable building materials,
Tesia will give you professional industry
Tesia recommends that you choose the right building materials according to your local climate, environment, snowfall and other factors.

There are many colors of building materials, how to match the colors to make your house stylish, comfortable and modern, Tesia will provide you with professional advice.




  • Budget Control


Budget is a key point. Different building materials have completely different prices. Within a certain budget, calculating the best and cheapest building materials is Tesia's commitment to customers. Let you spend the least money and buy the most satisfactory building materials.


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In-sale service


  • Products Supply
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Aluminum Window


Aluminum Door

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Kitchen Cabinet





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Sanitary Ware




Tiles & Stone


  • Logistic
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Tesia finds a freight company
for you to ship the goods
Ship with your own shipping company Tesia as your freight forwarder



  • Installation


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Tesia can provide you with free
installation technical guidance
Tesia can provide on-site installation service,
this service requires you to pay the installation fee



After-sales service


  • After-Sales


Tesia ranks among the best in China's one-stop building materials export with good after-sales service. At present, Tesia has established after-sales teams in China, the United States and Europe. At the same time, Tesia actively cooperates with building maintenance teams around the world, and has established after-sales service systems in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.


After-sales service of customized products is a problem that many customers worry about. For this reason, Tesia has set up an after-sales department to solve a series of problems encountered by customers when using products. At the same time, we also have a strong after-sales service to solve the maintenance problems of after-sales products for customers. In addition, Tesia has also established maintenance cooperation relationships with local maintenance workers in the United States and in Europe, Australia and other markets. In the event of a problem, Tesia can send local maintenance personnel for after-sales maintenance.

Our Team
R&D Capacity:
OEM, ODM, Own Brand(TESIA)
No. of R&D Staff:
11-20 People
No. of Production Lines:
Above 10
Annual Output Value:
US$10 Million - US$50 Million